Discovery by Journey Mild Seven 10ml superconcentrate

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Okus bijele čokolade i duhana


Okus bijele čokolade i duhana

Naša preporuka za miješanje je 1,5 do 2,5%, možete je pariti odmah ili steepati 30+ dana.

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    Mild seven superkoncentrat, savršeno izbalansiran, duhan prevladava i on je na strani gorkih duhana ali sa notom čokolade, dobije se puni zaokruženi okus koji tek dolazi do izražaja kada se para izdahne. Također je savršen u kombinaciji sa laganim voćnim aromama, za one koji rade diy mix.


  1. Big thumb up!

    AEON Discovery by Journey Mild Seven
    setup: SPICA PRO MTL/ Paramour SBS, superfine fused clapton NI80, 6wraps -1.15 OHM,13,5-15W.
    MTL Base 50/50 (PG/VG) – 4mg/Nic. booster

    After mixing i let it sleep for 2 weeks.
    I do this for all tobacco flavors, including S&V, for about 2-4 weeks of aging.
    I expected a very similar taste to JINX from the Private Reserve, but I was surprised. The taste was rougher and more earthy. Dark tobacco adds a strong body flavor and chocolate softens and sweetens the whole mix. A very pleasant combination for those for whom JINX is very fine and they like stronger tobacco. The chocolate here is absolutely true and the perfect selection of tobaccos this flavor has fired to the top of my rankings. Super great taste for me. I give 10 points out of 10.
    The word Journey here is really a journey for all vapers!