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Vaper Pub is a vape related social media network created for vapers, available to everyone.

Little history

We are working on the Vaper Pub community for the last couple of years. We managed to make it one of the most active vape related groups on FB with real users who love to communicate. 

With the latest development considering vape in the whole world and with the fact that we are scared how “Big Brother” could just unplug and delete our group we decided to do something about it. Original idea was to create just a page where members could buy and sell unwanted vape gear. But, we created something much more. – a social media network created for vapers – available to everyone

Vaper Pub offers everything you would expect from a social media page. But we have to point out that it is not Facebook. Don’t expect all features as on FB and it is still in development. 

Vaper Pub is currently supported by WP CMS and runs on a dedicated server. Currently, it can handle loads of up to several dozen people visiting it at once.

Some common features of the Vaper Pub social media network are:

  • profile creation
  • creating and joining groups
  • sending and receiving friend requests
  • private friend chat with video call, audio call

Uncommon features of our social media network

Written news articles. We are able to create separate categories if needed for your language or interests.

Yes, that old “public chat” technology from 2000 is actually the most used feature of Vaper Pub. Why? Well, members join, post what they want to post, comment what they want to comment, read news and then join Public Chat. There is always someone on Public Chat from the community and it is a great way to sit back, chit chat with anyone who is there, listen to some music and then go about his business. 

We are able to create additional Public Chats, for example only English speaking ones. 

Vaper Pub radio can be part of that separate chat too. Vaper Pub radio is done on a professional level via SAM Broadcaster cloud on a separate server. So all music is actually on the cloud or directly streamed from DJ-s PC to chat. At the moment we are playing only Creative Commons free music. If you will have the wish to participate in Vaper Pub vaping radio – we have several spots for DJs. We can teach you how to use software to communicate with your community even with this cool feature.

If you wish – you can have a forum that is related to the group you created. The forum will be listed on the general forum list with your group name (or name you to decide). And, it will be listed within-group area in the menu.

  • “Puff” points

Puff points are like the cryptocurrency of the Vaper Pub social media network. This is an additional feature and motivation for members to interact with the community. The system follows whatever member do and awards them with points. Later these points are used for purchasing merchandise like a cup or whatever we will have available in future.

We are also able to create more different “points” for users to collect which could be linked to activities only connected to the group you created. This extra feature is not available just by request since it eats server resources like popcorn. We can discuss this feature if someone is really interested.

Rules of our little social media network

Some rules will apply to all members and groups/forums.

  1. Insults of any kind or nature are not allowed 
  2. Groups or discussions on race, politics, religion or nationality are forbidden
  3. Any kind of promotion is forbidden without our permission*
  4. Any group or forum that will not have activity within some period of time will be deleted to save on server resources**
  5. Members must be of legal age

*Handchecks, links to websites, an announcement of promotion and sale is OK. But, a group created by a business to promote itself is not. The reason for that is – even this is just a WP server doesn’t come cheap. The business will have to participate in the cost of running this social media network.

**at the moment we will not delete anything since our opinion is that this social media network is not fully developed and in full function. Once we are happy with its state we will go through all groups and check the activities. After that we will discuss with admins why their group is not active and if we can help.

Remember that it is not enough just to open a group. Admins will have to stimulate members to join and use it for communication.

Future plans

Our future plans involve:

  1. The current newsfeed shows activities from all groups and all members – and that is OK by us. It will have a function as general community news. What we are going to implement is a separate newsfeed that will show only new posts from friends and joined groups.
  2. On the “Show all groups” page, default sorting will be by activities not by alphabet.
  3. “Brand groups” – separate groups list page with only business-related groups
  4. Language switch 
  5. Further page speed optimisation

Short instructions

If you wish to create your group you will have to register first.

To create a group:

1. click on the gear cog on the upper right side of the page.

2. click on “Manage Groups” > then “Start Creating!” button

If you want to add a related group forum, just enter group management and under the Forum area click checkbox “Enable forum for this group”.

That is all for now. If you have any questions please contact the administrator via

Also, we invite you to check out our Vaper Pub Youtube and Vaper Pub Twitch channel.

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